Fly your field or farm and get up-to-date data when you need it. Base decisions on todays data.

UAV Data Collection

We bring our UAV with multispectral camera to your farm and fly the selected fields collecting the required imagery. This will take about 60 minutes per 100 Ha. After the flight data is downloaded and processing starts immediately.

Accurate Ground Control Points are surveyed to properly locate the image and chlorophyll testing is carried out over a small sample area for calibration purposes while the flight takes place.

We can respond within hours of receiving a call.  NDVI is the most useful vegetation index, but we can supply NDRE or any V.I. required. You can even supply your own custom index formula and we will process it. You can also order an RGB (colour) image.

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Map of field or whole farm for ground-truthing. 

A 60 x 60 cm map on ute-tough PVC material, with table of NDVI values of each of 18 zones, with areas and percentages for each zone

This map is also provided as a digital file,  georeferenced, that can be loaded in the Avenza Maps app where you can locate and show GPS positions, drop placemarks and return to any position or placemark. 

The digital maps are high resolution, allowing you to zoom in and enlarge a small area of the map for very localised ground-truthing.

 Some problems you may be able to detect are, for example, localised compaction, blocked or restricted seeder runs, uneven fertilizer or spray applications, over or under spray and seeding, old banks, channels or earthworks, localised under or over-irrigation, blocked dripper lines, salt encroachment, or map accurately “cut and fill” areas. 

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 Table of NDVI values, of areas and percentages of areas for each map.

A table of NDVI values of each zone, areas and area-percentages of each zone is included on each PVC  printed map. An estimate of the area of internal roads and channels is also calculated to more accurately calculate area of actual crop.

These values can be used to compare from month to month, year to year, or field to field. The areas and percentages for each zone can be used to calculate quantities of treatments required, or estimate yield. 


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Soil and Tissue testing.

Tissue and/or soil samples can be taken from low NDVI problem areas to compare with better areas. Soils vary continuously within fields which is the reason sampling procedures are so important. Using an NDVI map or yield map of a field should allow more accurate sampling, while reducing the number of samples. The soil sample submitted to the laboratory must be representative and must accurately represent the field or area sampled.

Tissue samples may then  be used to assist in calibrating the Vegetation Index values.

Soil and tissue samples are taken under recognised guidelines to be analysed by CSBP Laboratories, (a CERTIFIED ASPAC Laboratory) and with a Pro Ag Consulting Premium Report and Integrated Fertiliser Management recommendation by Pro AG consultant Bryan McLeod.

Alternatively we can just take the soil test samples you want and then we will dispatch to your choice of Lab and you take it from there.

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Channel NDVI maps allowing accurate and variable rate application of treatments, saving time and money.

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Accurate Ground Control Points mean Accurate Geo-referenced images 

AgAerial Maps are accurate to less than one meter allowing accurate ground-truthing. This allows you to return to within one meter of a dropped pin on your map, for soil samples and tissue testing. Uncorrected maps could be many meters out which is a problem if you would like to retest at a particular site.

Inaccurate NDVI maps and SHP files could mean inaccurate variable rate application of treatments.

Ground Control Points are positioned using a Trimble GNSS receiver which offers sub meter accuracy using Trimble correction signals via internet. Ten Centimeter level mapping is available but most likely unnecessary for agricultural maps. 

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